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Since 1978 our organisation has produced and marketed premium cheeses in Brisbane, Queensland. Therefore, today, we are among the most reliable cheese aficionados in the city providing a wide range of quality cheeses at affordable prices. Made with passion and expertise by experienced and professional cheesemakers, our produce meets the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. We take the utmost care of sanitation while preparing the cheeses to ensure you can get good taste without worrying about your safety.

In addition to providing the best quality cheeses in Queensland, we also care about raising awareness about the premium cheeses in the city. Therefore, we host the ultimate cheese awards in Brisbane. If you are need to find the best cheeses from local producers, use our platform to look at our award title holders. Brisbane Cheese Awards is all about quality cheeses, so we cater to our patrons to make it possible for them to buy premium cheeses at affordable prices.

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We provide a vast range of hand-made and fresh cheeses. So, pick a favourite now.

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Why Consume Our Cheeses & Learn About The Awards?

Cheese is Healthy

Due to mainstream advertising always promotes cheeses with junk foods, it has made most people associate cheese with unhealthy food options. However, cheeses when consumed individually or with fresh vegetables, breads and fruits, are rich sources of calcium, proteins, phosphorous, zinc, omega 3, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin B12 etc. If you need to improve your diet and consume nutrient rich foods, cheese is a tasty and affordable option. You can prepare a wide range of healthy and delicious dishes with it all year round.

Non-processed & Preservative-free

Our entire range of cheeses is fresh and preservative free. To extend shelf-life of products, many cheesemakers in Brisbane add preservative. It is economical for them but if you want to enjoy all natural and hand-made cheese prepared fresh daily from starch without chemicals, get our products. Our aim is to serve our customer creamy and delicious cheeses without over-processing or nutrition loss. Additionally, we help promote local and small cheesemakers selling non-processed and preservative-free cheeses via our Brisbane Cheese Awards.

Cheese Varieties for Everyone

For some people cheese is an everyday necessity while for some it is a luxury items to be had once in a while. Whatever category you fall into, we have a vast range of cheeses to meet your requirements. What’s more, we a wide collection of cheeses such as whole-milk cheese, low-fat or skimmed-milk cheese, aged or mature cheese, non-dairy cheese (for lactose intolerant or vegan people) etc. Therefore, whether you are looking for cheeses to indulge in cravings or actually consume it for nutrition, we are your one-stop destination.

Unbiased Cheese Awards’ Host

Since 1978, our organisation is dedicated to providing premium cheeses to people of Brisbane. In addition, we realise the importance of promoting fresh and preservative free cheeses made by local and small cheesemakers. Therefore, every year our organisation hosts the ultimate Cheese Awards in Brisbane, QLD to call cheesemakers from every part of city to compete and prove their produce is excellent. We have various award titles, judging criteria and quality assurance procedures. If cheesemakers can meet them then they can win the title in a category and gain recognition and business.

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Types of Cheese We Offer

Find Award-winning Local Producers of Cheeses in Brisbane, Queensland

Our hunt for premium cheesemakers in Brisbane is never-ending. Therefore, we help cheese lovers find premium makers via our annual award ceremony.

About Our Annual Brisbane Cheese Awards

After gaining popularity in Brisbane for our premium, creamy and yummy cheeses, we were ready to fulfil our corporate social responsibility. Our management decided to start conducting Brisbane Cheese Awards to help local and small cheesemakers in Brisbane to get a platform to showcase their produce, gain recognition and increase their business. Therefore, since 2000, we have been hosting an inclusive award ceremony every year to find the best cheesemakers. Over the years, our awards have gained prominence due to our unbiased and fair execution. Our choosing criteria are uninfluenced and we make sure only the deserving candidates win.

If you are a cheese lover who wants to find local cheesemakers in Brisbane near your home to get a daily supply of fresh cheeses, then our list of title winners is a great place to start. If you are a cheesemaker who wants to gain customers and prove themselves as premium cheese providers in Queensland, conder entering our competition.

Our Pride

Our Specialist Cheese Makers

Stephanie is a highly experienced cheese specialist who is aware of all the traditional methods of making cheese. She is more into the research and history of the cheese in Australia. She is with us for the last five years, and we are thankful for her contribution.

With more than 12 years of experience in making delicious and various types of cheese, Danielle is a man behind our wide range of excellent cheese. He is aware of the latest trend in the cheese market and loves to experiment to make something new.

Nathan is another cheese specialist who has thoroughly study the cheese market and knows what kind of cheese in demand. He is responsible for maintaining a good relation with the suppliers and also analyse the quality of the ingredients. Due to him and his team’s effort, we are a reliable name in Brisbane.

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At Brisbane Cheese Awards Now

Brisbane Cheese Award is just amazing. They have the best cheese in the city for sure, and more importantly, they are not overpriced. It’s not only about the taste but also the extensive range they have.”

Adam Smith

If you are looking for high-quality cheese at the best competitive price, Brisbane cheese Award is the place. They have a wide array for mouth-watering cheese at a pocket-friendly price. Here, you also get a chance to know a lot of things about cheese.

Ana Watson

Witness the world of cheese with Brisbane Cheese Award. It’s is a fantastic place to know tradition methods of cheese making, the variety of cheese and their origin, the specialty and other similar things. This is an ideal platform for cheese lovers of Brisbane.

Gorge Smith

Why are We a Trusted Name?

Whether you want to get premium cheeses or find a local cheesemaker near you, Brisbane Cheese Awards can help you. We are one of the leading cheese producers and promoters in the city. Therefore, whatever you are looking for, we can help you! We have a team of experience cheese specialist who helps us to offer the best quality cheese to our customers.

Our Values


We are a highly recommended name in Brisbane due to our unquestionable quality. Our cheese specialists make sure that we do not compromise on the quality at any cost.


Our professions look for innovative ways to make something new. They try different combination and proportion of milk to give our cheese a unique taste and flavour.


We offer the best quality cheese at an affordable price in Brisbane. This makes us more popular among locals and a reliable name among cheese lovers.

Natural is Our Way to Go

Due to excessive commercialisation of cheesemaking to meet the ever-growing demands, major corporations churn our processed cheeses with preservatives and chemicals. However, we refuse to give in. thus, we have established a state-of-the-art facility where experienced and professional cheesemakers make natural, fresh and preservative-free cheeses daily!

Visit Our Facility

Are you a cheese lover who want to get a complete tour of our cheese making process? We arrange weekly tours for tourists and locals to see how we make cheese fresh every day. Our tour is informative, entertaining and fun. What’s more, during our tour, you can taste yummy and creamy cheeses! So, make a booking now and have a cheesy encounter!

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